Army Surplus Denver

It is an exciting time to be an Army Surplus store in Denver. With thousands of brave troops coming home and a decade long war ending, there have not been this many great products and prices on military surplus in years. Denver is a particularly good market for this surplus because as America’s 16th fastest growing city and the fact that we have a strong military population due to the surrounding bases, there is a lot of great surplus for sale.  Here at Arvada Surplus near Denver, we strive to bring you the best of this surplus.

You will have to come into the store to see much of this merchandise such as boots, backpacks and clothing, but here are some great recent buys below to give you some examples:

U.S. Military Modular Sleep System

Modular Sleeping Bag

This 4 piece sleeping bag is easily one of the best sleeping bags you can purchase for the money. No more buying different sleeping bags for every season; these sleeping bags will get you from summer to winter with one purchase.

The sleeping bag comes with 4 parts:

1)Extreme bag – Rated to -10 Degrees

2)Mid bag rated at 30

3)Gortex Bivy Cover which will keep you dry while even sleeping on the snow

4)An amazing 9 strap stuff sack

The best part about these is that each of them can be used independently of each other. You can do a summer backpacking trip with the extreme bag which weighs only around 2 lbs. Then come winter, you can add the mid bag and the Gortex Bivy which gets you down to -50 (with proper clothing)! We have a great price at $129.99 on our website and in our store.

Israeli Gas Masks

Because of the crisis in Syria, it is difficult to get Israeli military surplus. We however have received a shipment of Israeli gas masks. They are new with a sealed canister. At $29.99 they are a steal. We do not yet sell them online so you will need to come into the store to get one.

Ammo Cans

We have a great selection of ammo cans at great prices. These are great for storing ammo or anything else where you need military grade protection. Our 50 Cal and  30 Cal. ammo cans are available online but in-store, we have more selections available including 20mm, tall 20mm and fuse boxes.



Pup and GP Tents

Eureka USMC Tent

Like the modular sleeping bags, the military makes some of the best tents for the price such as our EUREKA USMC Military 2 person combat tent or a pup tent (in-store only).

We are constantly getting stuff in and it leaves the store before we have a chance to put it up online. Come in our store at 5701 Olde Wadsworth in old town Arvada. We are rated as one of Denver’s best army surplus stores on Yelp. Come in and say hello!

USMC Pup Tent